Sign up for Paiku's Indoor Picnic Package!
Paiku is excited to annouce the Indoor Picnic Package

Similar to a CSA, Paiku will be offering pre-ordered dinner packages 
for pickup Friday evening. The package feeds 2-4. 

Delivery is possible with special arrangement. 

To sign up for alerts about what will be in these picnic packages and to have the chance to order yours, please fill out the form below:
Sign up for Paiku's Indoor Picnic Package!

7425 N Leavitt avenue                 Portland, Oregon                     503-860-4773
P    A    I    K    U  

7425 North Leavitt Ave.   St Johns, Portland, OR

for 07-23-2021

~Curried Chicken or Tofu Salad
~Roasted Sweet Potato & Peppers Salad
~Chopped Cucumber & Tomato Salad
~Poached Peaches with Brandy Sauce & Cream Sauce
~Lemon Chess Bars
~Cherry & Chocolate Swirled Coffee Cake 

This week our savory substitute for one dessert is: 
~Vegetable Lentil Soup​